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2017 Eclipse Blog / FAQ

Can I bring my pets to watch the eclipse?


Animals will be scared senseless by the eclipse, and you will want to be enjoying it instead of trying to calm your crazed critters. Everyone around you will not want to be bothered by your animals either, so please leave them at home. Again, you have to take the word of people who have seen many of these – the dogs and cats will NOT like it! In fact, you’ll find that, even though you understand 100% what is going on, you’ll still feel a little of the fear that prehistoric people must have felt in seeing the Sun get swallowed up as day turns into night. Please don’t subject your trusting pets to that fear!

2 Responses to “Can I bring my pets to watch the eclipse?”

  1. Ken says:

    Does your pet get scared when the sun goes down (or “swallowed” by the horizon)? Scared senseless? This is possibly the most ignorant thing I’ve read today.

    • Admin says:

      Really? You think it is a good thing to lug pets along during totality, when they can run around and mess up everybody’s carefully laid plans – which cannot be repeated? How many total eclipses have you been to, and seen this very thing happen? Lob your grenades of inexperience at someone else…

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