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The United States saw a Total Solar Eclipse!
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2017 Eclipse Blog / FAQ

Can’t I just watch the eclipse on TV?

You sure can – the same way you can watch a wonderful meal being eaten on TV, a live shot of a huge pile of hundred-dollar bills on TV, or a guy having a great date with a wonderful woman – on TV. It’s not the same as being there by a long shot!


Most eclipse pictures:
Nice, but not really the same as being there!

You cannot rely on any picture in any newspaper or on TV as being ANYTHING even remotely equivalent to the experience of having been there and seen the eclipse yourself.


That’s more like it!
Miloslav Druckmüller creates the best eclipse images in the world!


So if you still think that watching on TV is a good enough substitute, again you’ll find yourself wondering what all the fuss is about the next day from those people who were there. Please don’t be left out. Watch the pictures on TV only enough to laugh at how lame they are compared to your memory of having seen the real thing!

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