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2017 Eclipse Blog / FAQ

Seriously – why all the excitement over an eclipse?

If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand. If you already understand, nothing I can say will matter. It’s like having kids, or riding a Harley, or being in love. It just is – and you just have to believe.

The author of this site has personally seen 12 total solar eclipses, and for the majority of them, he was traveling with at least one individual who had never before seen a total eclipse.  In each case, descriptions of the wonder of totality were shared prior to the event – and in every case, the eclipse newbie returned to him after the eclipse was over, saying “Your description wasn’t even close – the eclipse was MUCH better!  When’s the next one?!”

May you have as wonderful an experience as this!

2 Responses to “Seriously – why all the excitement over an eclipse?”

  1. Toby M says:

    Yes, you can see all the videos and read all the descriptions you want and it is all inadequate. To see the huge shadow racing towards you and all of a sudden, the sun is GONE…wow, words just fail. I jokingly tell people Curacao 1998 was so awesome, the kids running and screaming around the hotel pool all STOPPED and were dead quiet. The only thing that was almost as amazing was my friend announcing the sun was 98% occluded, and it still seemed broad daylight outside! And we could actually see shadows of leaves with “bites” taken out of them by the eclipse.

    AWESOME website, by the way!

    • Admin says:

      Toby – I could not have said it better myself! Everyone – get into the path, and see this AMAZING sight! You will not be disappointed!

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