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The United States saw a Total Solar Eclipse!
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Henri Burdett asked 5 months ago

Hi. I am driving to St Joseph Missouri to see the total eclipse. I would like to get some really nice pictures of the event. I am looking at the Nikon Coolpix P900 camera. Do you think that would be a good choice or do you have a better suggestion? Also I am a beginner so I need a camera that would be easy to operate. I would greatly appreciate any comments you have. Thank you.

1 Answers
Admin Staff answered 5 months ago

I would recommend you leave photography to the experts, and concentrate on watching it.  Nothing you do will compare to what the pros do, and no picture done by ANYONE is equal to the sight you see.  This is truly one thing that you have to see to believe, and if you are mucking around with photographing it, you will stand a chance of missing the chance to store those images in your brain – where they belong.
There will be approximately 3453434875638947658937465978345 pictures of this eclipse taken and available on the Internet, and NONE will compare to what you see.  Please enjoy it!
Clear Skies,

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