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elaine asked 4 months ago

How is being outside on the day of the eclipse different from being outside on any other day?  Are filtered glasses needed all day long?  On an ordinary day you might look at the sun without sunglasses, and your eyes will hurt so you turn away-will this happen on the day of the eclipse as well? How is the sun different on eclipse day, versus an ordinary day?

1 Answers
Admin Staff answered 4 months ago

The Sun is no different during an eclipse.  It can still sunburn your skin, and your eyes will be damaged if you stare at the Sun without certified eye protection.

The eclipse glasses are only used for one purpose – to put in front of your eyes to filter out the harmful UV and visible light (which is ALWAYS there), during those times that you wish to look at the Sun to see the progress of the eclipse.

The real danger we have is that normally people don’t want to look at the Sun.  They have no reason to.  But during an eclipse, everyone WANTS to look at the Sun.  So, the glasses serve as protection when you want to do that.

If you are in the path, do NOT use the glasses to view totality.  You will still use them for the partial phases (when any bright part of the Sun is showing).  Just not totality.  Many people mistakenly put them on during totality, and they don’t see anything.



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