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A Total Solar Eclipse is Coming to the United States!

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We are out of the office watching the eclipse! No emails will be able to be answered until we return on August 22 wishes everyone CLEAR SKIES on Monday!

If you don't have SAFE eclipse glasses, your students don't have to miss out!
You can still view the partial phases using Pinhole Projection!

Check out the safe viewing techniques from the American Astronomical Society!

And also see our viewing instructions!

Did you order from us? Are you worried about the big recall?
How do you know the glasses you got from us are safe to use? is on the American Astronomical Society's approved vendor list for eclipse glasses!

Also, please read the blog post we wrote about the safety of glasses ordered from!


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Share your 2017 total eclipse experience! is collecting eclipse day memories from everyone who experienced totality in the path!

Here, you can browse all the eclipse memories that have been posted!

Or, you can also share your stories, pictures, videos, and sound files with us,
as we archive the collective memories of this historic event from Americans and visitors alike!
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Eclipse2017's Total Solar Eclipse archive

August 22, 2017

The 2017 Total Solar eclipse was unlike anything America had seen for almost 100 years - and it did not disappoint! was one of the leading sites for information and education as eclipse day drew near, and we were proud to have been able to help millions of people enjoy the eclipse safely!

Now, the eclipse is over, and folks everywhere are scrambling to prepare for the next one.  But before you leave, please take a minute to gather up and share your personal memories of the Great American Eclipse!

That's right! is continuing its mission of supporting everyone's eclipse viewing activities, by hosting a permanent archive of our collective eclipse memories.  Everyone can participate, too!  Just sign up, validate your email, and then share your stories, pictures, video links, etc - so that everyone can see how great it was in the path of totality!  (How else will we convince everyone who stayed home that they need to be IN THE PATH for 2024?)

Please add YOUR voice to this great collection of memories! Gather up your video links and sound files, and type your eclipse day story up to share with everyone! (None of it will be used in any form, beyond this archive.)

Also, be sure to search around this great archive, and read about what others did on eclipse day.  It's a great way to re-live the amazing eclipse experience we all shared on August 21, 2017 - right here in the good old USA!

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