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Eclipse in Hartwell GA


Hartwell ga


I took my family and a family of friends of ours to see the eclipse at Lake Hartwell in northeast Georgia. We decided on this spot because it was closest to our home in Athens and also not as well advertised as other towns in the path. We figured it wouldn’t be as crowded as other sites so we sacrificed a few seconds of duration to have a little space. The spot was perfect and when it came to be eclipse time we were definitely not disappointed. We projected pinhole images of the childrens’ names in eclipse. We all noticed the little eclipses under the tree. We noticed the light level getting weird and the sun was definitely not as oppressive as it was an hour earlier. The shadow bands were freaky and then the moment i had been waiting for for two years finally came. Within one second it went from the light level of wearing dark sunglasses to as dark as almost night. The corona was magnificent and the moon itself was the darkest black I’ve ever seen. The clouds in the distance were a beautiful yellow orange, and sunset colors as far around as i could see. What stuck with me most was the sky itself. It was a deep purple ive never seen before even in twilight. It seemed to me like there were so many remarkable things happening that would take days to describe. Simply put it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen not pertaining to a person I love. And in 2:08 it was all over. The sun peeked back out, we spoke amongst ourselves about how awesome it was, then we cleaned up and went home. I may not be able to afford to become a world traveling eclipse chaser, but I definitely intend to see every single one of the upcoming eclipses in the US that I can. Especially the two that are going right over my high school town in the Florida panhandle in 2045 and 52. I definitely have to see that again!

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