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Strangest thing I’ve ever seen!


Chester, Illinois


I was in Chester, IL very near the center line in the path of totality.  We had perfect weather!  Clear skies and an excellent view of the eclipse from the Cohen Sports Complex.  Absolutely no clouds until 20 minutes after totality ended, and by then… who cares?!?

Looking up into the darkened sky,  seeing planets and stars was cool, but the best sight by far was totality!  The only way I can describe it is that it looked like I was staring at a hole in the fabric of reality.  There was this deep, dark, circular “nothingness” surrounded by an ethereal halo of light, high in the suddenly dark sky.  Even though I knew what was happening, my mind just couldn’t grasp what I was seeing.

I can totally see why ancient peoples were terrified of this rare phenomenon.

I am also totally hooked!  I posted on FB the other day that, unless I’m dead, I WILL BE AT THE 2024 ECLIPSE!

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